The Soulless

Henchmen to the End

The Soulless is the name given to the army and allies of Prothero during the Demon War (128-135 SK). Many of the men who served Prothero were thralls to his immense psionic ability, while others were permanently deranged by means unknown. Even today, the surviving descendents of the original Soulless display a pattern of physical and mental deformities, and are feared for their hunger for blood and destruction. They have no real civilization or permanent societies. Instead, they tend to move across a series of raining camps, occasionally raiding each other or the civilized people of Aerde. Some Soulless are born with natural talents to enthrall their lesser brother and sisters. There are some who believe the Soulless are a distinct subspecies of human, crafted by the Prothero the Demon Prince himself.

Physical Description

They Soulless are called so for the sunken, hollow look of their eyes, lack of emotional range, and the slack-faced, incomprehensible look they most often assume. Most Soulless can hardly speak, thought to be mentally stunted like the Gigas. Those who can speak are usually limited to a few words, and even those who generally do not speak seem capable of screaming “BLOOD!” or “DIE!” as appropriate.

The Soulless

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