The Paladian Orders

aka The Paladins

The Paladian Order are a centuries-old organization dating back to the beginning of the Age of Strife. The Paladian Orders were first organized in 142 SK, made up of famous fighting men and incorporating several existing societies whole cloth. The Order was then split into chapters, and each was given a certain task by the Ascendancy and King. Though sworn to allegiance with the King and officially sanctioned by the Temple, many still maintain the spirit of the formerly independent organizations of old.

The Paladian Orders generally have only Pure-blooded, land-owning nobles. While some may work for or seek patronage of the Exalted, they are lower in the Taeren social system.

There are several different Chapters, each with their own official functions, internal agendas, and requirements for membership. Some of these Chapters operate like autonomous groups of special forces, others directly serve the Ascendancy as investigative bodies or Temple police. The following Chapters are the most famous, and most feared:

Brotherhood of the Wolf: This is an example of a relatively secretive, very well-trained Order. They are an international police force and intelligence agency for the Ascendancy, renowned for their abilities as hunters and trackers in any wilderness or city. They are charged with finding and capturing fugitives, mostly rogue psions, and bringing them before the courts of the Ascendancy at the Golden Temple in Taer. While perhaps due to fictionalized accounts, they are known for “always getting their man”, as well as the punishments they inflict upon those who aid the fugitives they seek. They have no boundaries, sometimes pursuing their quarry into foreign lands far from Taer.

The Blood Singers: The Blood Singers are probably the most romanticized Order, due to their specialty in seeking out Relics and defending against barbarian tribes and mutant hordes far from the relative safety of Taer. They are expert warriors who travel in small bands, recruiting militias as needed, operating on the fringes of Taeren territory and beyond.

Bearers of the Holy Seal: Despised by most, feared by all, the Bearers of the Holy Seal are responsible for purging mutants and heretics from Taer, in order to keep the faith and bloodlines of the Second Kingdom pure and strong. With the uptick of mutations in the last couple generations, they are indeed very busy. They have the power to declare a person as a mutant and “purify” them on the spot. Purification usually involves fire. Those who stand in the way of the Bearers of the Holy Seal are often branded, mutilated, or killed as punishment. Often, the simply the threat of an investigation by the Bearers is enough to restore order to a community.

The Paladian Orders

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