The Illuminators

The Secret Librarians of Old

aka The Seekers of Truth, the Bright Brothers

The Illuminators are an order of heretical monks with roots in the Dark Age who maintain technological wonders of the Second Kingdom, though they are most famous for being given responsibility of the airships of Taer by the Fool King Rhuun Arras-Rhuun in the year 454 SK. They guard all their knowledge jealously, and are the historical nemesis of the Engineers of BROM.

They were originally little more than scribes and book copiers in the days before the founding, eventually amassing libraries in Eom, Taer, and Lyria. This proximity to all the world’s knowledge of the Ancients led to a technological understanding that is unmatched by any in Aerde, except, perhaps, the Engineers. They are the sole practitioners of an ancient religion, and are the only heretic cult able to worship openly in the Second Kingdom.

While the Illuminators are the official guardians of a lot of Ancient tech, each knows only as much as he needs to do his job. Each Bright Brother is essentially a single-purpose tool, a cog in a machine. They operate as independently as the Ascendancy allows, often “straining at the leash” or using their political clout to further their own agenda. They are an organization of Pure-bloods, and are often courted by the Exalted families for their expertise and political power.

The Illuminators

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