Gavetellah (GAV-uh-TELL-uh)

also known as: Gav, the Old King, the (Most) Holy King, Father Gavellian

Life and Accomplishments

The founder of the Second Kingdom in Taer, and the central figure in the Second Kingdom’s state religion. He is worshiped as a god, believed to be immortal, and possibly some kind of sorcerer. He rediscovered a lot of forgotten technology, and hoarded knowledge of the Ancient world.

From the town of Arn, located in the land of Hama in the Lyrian Highlands

Gavetellah rebuilt the Pillar of Light, reconditioned Taer’s airships, and helped make Lyria a mighty city. Construction of the Pillar of Light was his highest priority. This immense tower was built upon an unfinished structure left over from the Ancients. The scripture of his followers claim Gavetellah created the ultimate altar, to call out to the god of the Ancients, the Lord of Men, and he would lead the Aerdeans on an Ascension to the heavens. The people of Aerde would enter a GOLDEN AGE of enlightenment and prosper forever among the stars.

He was a harsh tyrant and possessed of limitless ambition, yet he worked to enlighten his people and narrow the gaps between the bloodlines of humanity. His kingdom flourished economically, enjoyed bounteous harvests, and spread the written word and common tongue far and wide. He ruled for a 125 years (Founding in 1 SK), eventually retiring to his Pillar in Lyria, and leaving the ruling of the Second Kingdom to his closest adviser, Brom


Gavetellah was not seen for several years, only reappearing in in the year 135 SK to destroy the Demon Prince Prothero and ascend to heaven with his people, who had been under siege in the Pillar for 5 years. He wrecked the city of Lyria when he destroyed the armies of the Soulless, and the land was poisoned for hundreds of years.

In his name, the Temple of the Heavenly Ascension, or the Ascendancy was founded. This cult imbued the history of the Old King with mysticism and is the state religion practiced in Taer and most former cities of the Second Kingdom.

Gavetellah’s legacy passed to the eldest of his two sons, Antilla Gavellian. There are many folk stories about the passing of the crown from Brom to Antilla. Eventually the crown passed to the younger son, Rhuun, after Antilla’s abrupt death. To this day, a feud simmers between the Antillans and the Rhuuns, whose bloodlines have produced most of the rulers of the Second Kingdom. Interestingly, the teachings of Brom have been classified as blasphemy by the Ascendancy, and his few followers persecuted.

The scripture states that Gavetelllah will return to sit upon his throne once agin, and lead his followers into Heaven. Meanwhile his city of Lyria lies in ruin, diseased and shrouded with darkness.


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