Engineers of BROM

The Tech-Priests

The ENGINEERS are a fringe group dedicated to rediscovering, understanding, and copying the old technology of the Ancients. Developing new devices and learning is also strongly encouraged. In essence, they are a fellowship driven by science, discovery, and innovation, often at any cost. They are responsible for many terrible deeds, all in the name of science.

The Engineers consist of a loose association of decentralized cells organized geographically. They are sworn to extreme secrecy, punishable by death. Like any power base founded on high ideals, it has strayed considerably. Instead of spreading knowledge and enhancing the lives of those around them with their learning, they have become a club of old men and hermit tinkers with an eye for making profits from their forbidden knowledge. They have a tendency toward paranoia and can be very dangerous.

They follow the forbidden teachings of Brom, the Second King, who preached a distinctively different version of Gavetellah’s teachings, and was labelled a heretic and exiled from the Second Kingdom.

Many disasters are attributed to the Engineers, though most are part of a centuries-old smear campaign by their two greatest enemies: The Golden Temple for their blasphemy, and the Illuminators for their competing interests. Engineers are often depicted as traitorous villains, heartless terrorists, blasphemous cultists, and possessed of great hubris.

Their main goal is to enlighten the world and better the lives of all people with the progress of science. The Bromian Teachings that they follow are essentially the story of Gavetellah’s obsession with science and seeking ascension, with all the magic and myth stripped from it.

Interestingly, the Engneers were not formed by Brom himself, but formed well after his death around the year 250 SK.

Engineers of BROM

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