I wish all the things I wrote in my notebook would magically end up here on the Aerde page. I’ve detailed a lot of game world stuff in the past few days, and have been meaning to type it up, but just haven’t had time. I’m also in the midst of re-reading the actual GURPS rules and flipping through source books to find material to use. The worst part of GURPS is the lack of Monster Manual-type books. I downloaded 4x creature books that have 5 enemies apiece in them, and they absolutely suck. I mean these read like the worst-of-the-worst creatures thought up for D&D in the 70’s.

So, enemy design will have to involve converting some interesting monsters from D&D as well as some other books I have on my HD and at home. That will be a bitch. I really need a full roster of hazards, wandering monsters and wildlife if I am going to run an open-world campaign.



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