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What do you think of open world play?

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Check out this link. Google search for “hexcrawl”. This is how I would like to run my game. I’m finding more quick-building resources every day, and I think if I stick to the maxim of “don’t spend more time creating than playing”, then I should be able to generate a LOT of content. Totally nerding out about how I want this game to run.

Not any new posts today; I am too busy reading gaming blogs about design and theory. Yes, I have that down time.


Just in case anybody every actually reads this, an open world game is just what it sounds like. Basically, I make a giant hex-map of Aerde (or certain areas of the Second Kingdom). Then, I will chop it up into sections by level, assign terrain to each hex, create random encounter tables, and map out locations of major and minor dungeons.

The PLAYERS will choose where to go and when to go there, I will just be informed in advance so I can prepare for the adventure. Having the right amount of FOOD and SUPPLIES, dealing with the elements and negotiating hostile terrain will play a part in just getting to the “dungeons” you will explore. Some hexes will have obvious locations to stumble across (like villages or monasteries, etc) and others will be secret (only found if you are searching for it, or get EXTREMELY lucky).

It will be up to the players to map out the world as they go along. I will supply the paper, but I will not do it for you.

Ideally, each game session would be a journey to a location, exploration, and the journey back. Larger “dungeons” will be multi-session dungeon crawls.

This does not exclude story-driven games. There will still be quests or jobs to do, opportunity for politics and intrigue, as well as war (perhaps leading a band of NPC warriors on a campaign) and economics. I’m looking at sources to develop models for local economies, which would allow the PCs to become rich through trade.

The goal: lay down just enough material to give the PLAYERS the power to shape the game. It’s ambitious, but I still have several months in the desert to chart things out. This style of game would also support many players to create multiple, fluid parties, all with the same “home base”. If I ever have enough friends to play a game like that, anyway.

Hex Crawl

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Hex Crawl

Cool that you came to check this out. I know there’s not much on here, but I have been writing tons of shit in my notebook, it’s all a matter of transferring it to here. I’ll see if I can find a way to get the New Sun source book to you.

Hex Crawl

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