I made a blog. Mostly, because it’s easier to fuck around with than this Adventure Log. I’m keeping this site as a Wiki. As a resource for storing info on characters and places, and background fluff, this site works. As a way to communicate or screw around with while I’m bored, it’s not so good. Obsidian Portal also has a teeny tiny storage for media. I’d rather post pictures at a whim, to help get my point across when I am trying to explain something.

Basically, you don’t have to fuck with this site until we start playing, or if you want to read the wiki. I’m just going to write more free-form on the blog, and if I update the wiki, I’ll mention it there. Maybe I’m just really bored, but I’m really excited to get home and play again. The game we played last summer wasn’t perfect, there were a lot of slow times, but I think everybody had some fun. This time, I’ve figured out how to keep the game rolling without getting bogged down in a story that only I, the author, would care about anyway.

So check out my other site every now and then. Please leave comments if you have any thoughts or suggestions.



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