The World of Aerde

updated 08MAY11

This a far-flung colony world, tucked in a forgotten corner of the galaxy. Due to the atrocities of war, it was almost destroyed, then abandoned by most of its colonists, and essentially left for scrap. Out of the chaos of this near-apocalypse, life somehow went on. It is now a hundreds of years later, and civilization is once again on the rise.

Aerde is essentially a feudal middle-ages kind of game on a on a continent that is mostly scrub, mountains, and desert. Here and there are the lost cities of an age long gone, and the mysterious machines left by the Ancients. Humanity is split into several sub-races genetically engineered to work as a caste-system, ruled by a nobility that is far superior and without mercy. On all sides are the relics of the far future and an ancient war: strange creatures, mutants, rusted war machines, and the lost and malfunctioning automatons who once served humanity.

This is a setting that uses GURPS 4th edition rules. Check out the Overview originally written for this setting or download the lite version of the rules here.


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